After 20 years supporting AVSim, PMDG's forum has a new home

PMDG was invited to open a forum on AVSim shortly after the site was founded.  PMDG was just a tiny blip on the radar in those days, and through good times and bad we stuck with AVSim because Tom Allensworth believed in what we were doing, and he offered us a fair and unambiguous opportunity to have our forum live within the AVSim community without any meddling, onerous restrictions or editorial oversight.
Shortly after his death, it became increasingly clear that we should "find someplace else to call home."  We have done just that, by launching our own customer support forum right here at
We hope you will stop by, join the conversation, and reunite with old friends from brighter days, when you could count on Tom dropping in to rib Rob about his landings, or his latest checkride, or simply make up a good fish-tale to keep everyone laughing.
This spirit of commradship is what the PMDG forum was originally all about- and we have returned to our roots, right at
Stop by and say hello!