Some 777 users receiving errors at activation time

Since updating the 777 series of products last week, we have heard from some users that they are receiving one of two error messages when they are attempting to activate the product after installation.  The error message either tells the user that communications could not be established, or that an unknown error is preventing communications.
We are currently working to resolve this issue and once we have a solution in hand we will be reaching out to a few of the customers we know to have this issue in order to test various changes that we believe will resolve the issue. 
We recognize that it can be frustrating to stumble across a problem that prevents you from flying, but we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.  Once we have a resolution that works, we will push an update for the 777 via the Operations Center Updater, and we will post an announcement in our user forum to make sure everyone knows to grab the update and get back to enjoyment of simming.