AT&T, Bell South and SBC Global blocking email traffic

It has come to our attention that AT&T, as well as their subsidiary entities, Bell South and SBC Global are blocking traffic from the domain, negatively impacting customers located on those networks.

We have been in contact with AT&T on this issue and it appears that the problem stems from PMDG's use of Constant Contact email marketing services to keep our NGX customers appraised of updates and changes to the NGX product line in late December.

Constant Contact is a legitimate email marketing system that places a high requirement on service users to conduct only legitimate email marketing and PMDG is well within compliance in that regard.  While AT&T has elected to take issue with the use of Constant Contact to communicate with our customers, it should be noted that the generally accepted SPAM black-list providers show PMDG's email reputation as being untarnished.

We have contacted AT&T through their established systems in order to have this problem resolved, but unlike most other network providers, AT&T hides this process behind a slow, convoluted and time consuming process that is indicative of a lack of interest in resolving conflicts with legitimate users of their systems.

We have filed numerous complaints with AT&T to resolve the issue, but each one is met with a reply-back indicating that we should be contacted in 10-20 business days.  (AT&T is listed as being one of the ten most hated companies in America, and we are not left wondering how or why...)

Until this is resolved, we recommend that AT&T, Bell South and SBC Global customers create a temporary email address using one of the non-network centric systems such as hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.