How do I intercept and track a VOR radial in the 747-400?

The 747 does not have a "NAV" or VOR tracking mode in its autopilot system like those you may have seen on other aircraft. It is quite easy to do though using the FMC:

  1. Enter the VOR you wish to track a radial TO or FROM on the LEGS page at LSK 1L. (Just as you'd do to go direct to it)
  2. Now, enter the correct course for the radial (same as what you'd set a CDI gauge's OBS knob to) into the INTC CRS prompt that appears at LSK 6R after step 1.
  3. Press EXEC

You should now see a magenta line extending to infinity on the course you specified. Turn toward it and arm LNAV. The plane will capture it and you'll be on your way.