Why are the contrails misaligned? I found a hack to fix it.

The flight model was designed and tuned to behave correctly within the somewhat limited physics model of MSFS. To balance the flight model so that it behaves correctly across the entire flight envelope, we spend months and months tuning, tweaking and adjusting everything from engine location to airfoil surface area, until we find a performance level that matches the book. This takes thousands of hours (and hundreds of cartons of cigarettes for Dr. Vaos).

If you move the engines away from the location at which we have placed them, you affect MANY aspects of the performance of the airplane including:

  • Fuel flow scalars
  • Engine out moments
  • Localizer tracking with engine out
  • Cruise fuel flow performance
  • Ground handling with not all engines running

When working within the confines of the rather limited MSFS phyisics model, it is necessary to take some liberties in order to ensure that performance in the end, comes out well balanced.

We recognize that some folks think that anyone can program addons as complex as these but we assure you that it is much more difficult to do exceptionally well than you might believe.

Please note that the EULA specifically forbids such alterations. We do this not for legal reasons but because when someone posts "hacks" to the existing airplane, we begin to get irate email to tech support from folks who do not understand that by entering what appears to be a "minor modification" they can throw the entire performance of the airplane in the toilet.

Please do us the courtesy of not distributing this hack.