How to send saved flight files to someone else

If you want to share an exciting flight or route with the community or send the PMDG team a flight that demonstrates a potential issue with the product, here's the steps to take to ensure you have all the files you need:

  1. Go to the File menu and choose Save Flight... just as you would with any other aircraft. The difference that happens behind the scenes is the creation of a 747-400 panel state that will automatically be saved along with the normal FS9 flight files. You do not need to use the PMDG menu Save Panel State option unless you are only trying to create a cockpit setup such as a Cold and Dark file. Assume for the sake of this example that you've saved the file as "PMDG Flight".
  2. Create a zip file that has the following files in it:
    • PMDG Flight.flt and PMDG Flight.wx from the \My Documents\Flight Simulator Files folder.
    • PMDG Flight.sav and PMDG Flight.rte from the \Flight Simulator 9\PMDG\747400\PanelState folder.
  3. You now have everything you need, upload or email the zip file and others will be able to load your saved flight by extracting those files to the correct folders on their own machine.