The autopilot disconnects

Occasional occurence only

This might be related to the MSFS weather loading. If you are near critical flight altitudes and MSFS loads extreme weather changes- you might see the autopilot disconnect as the airplane exceeds a high/low speed parameter. (Do a search on WEATHER in this forum and you'll find a more detailed explanation of what MSFS is doing to cause this misery....)

Frequent/repeated occurence

If your A/P disconnects happen frequently, here is a quick trouble shooting test:

  1. Put yourself in flight in a scenario where this is happening frequently and predictably.
  2. Unplug your joystick. (We are assuming it's a USB device)

If it stops, then it's "spiking" coming from your controller causing the autopilot to think you are yanking the controls to take the airplane back from the autopilot. (This is correct behavior - but it's being triggered in a manner you don't want)

To fix this:

Pull up your Windows Control Panel, and look at GAME CONTROLLERS.

Now click on PROPERTIES.

Do you see ANY flickering from your joystick? That's what is causing the problem.... Recalibrate and see if it goes away. Also, if your joystick allows itm you can try setting larger a NULL ZONE