CTD when loading the our aircraft into the simulator

If you are encountering a CTD of the Simulator Application - FSX, FSX:Steam Edition, or Prepar3D - when selecting our aircraft and attempting to load it into a flight,  please check the following.
1)  Ensure that your Default flight is not set to load one of our aircraft as the default flight.  When you start the sim, please ensure that the Air Trike at Friday Harbor (for FSX/FSX:SE) or the F-22 at Eglin (for P3D) is the default flight spinning in the Select a Flight/Scenario menu.
2)  If you have a base pack and an expansion pack, make sure that the base pack has been validated before attempting to use the expansion. To do this simply run an aircraft in the base pack for the first time after installing and you should be asked to validate the product. Enter the license key for your base pack purchase. Once you have done that run the expansion pack after exiting the simulator and then you should be asked to validate the expansion as well.