Auto Pressurization Failure and Autopilot Wierdness

For NGX users who encounter any of the following issues

1)  Auto Pressurization Failure with dashed lines on the pressurization panel with no Failures selected in the PMDG Failures menu.  Users may also report Pressurization Warning horn sounding.

2)  Auto Throttle fails to respond to TO/GA command on Departure

3)  Uncommanded Roll when in LNAV with Autopilot Engaged.  After Autopilot disengages,  A/C may roll in the opposite direction

Several users have reported that these conditions can be caused by a problem with the Bios Clock.  If users notice that the Bios clock is not in sync with System clock, this may be corrected by replacing the CMOS Battery on the Motherboard but in some cases required a replacement of the Motherboard.