How to install liveries

The PMDG 737 NGX is the first product to contain our new Livery Manager application.  The process for installing liveries with it is as follows:
  • Create a folder somewhere on your computer for liveries - it can be anywhere as long as you know where to find it.  We suggest making subfolders for the different variants - 800, 800WL, 900, 900WL.
  • Download liveries (zip files) from the PMDG website into the folder you created in step 1.

  • Unzip all the liveries, which contain .ptp (PMDG Texture Pack) files inside.

  • Run the livery manager. (Use the "Run as adminstrator" right click option if in Windows Vista or Windows 7)

  • On the left side of the screen click the variant you wish to install liveries for. (this is why we set up folders for the variants in step 1)

  • Click the "Select Liveries to Install" button.

  • A standard windows Open File dialog will appear - navigate to the folder where you downloaded and unzipped the liveries.

  • Select the livery or liveries you want to install.  You can select multiple liveries in the folder with the standard Shift and Control + left click commands for selecting multiple files, or you can select all files in the folder with Control+A, the standard Windows "Select All" command.

  • Click OK, and the liveries will be installed.  You'll see them appear in the list on the right side of the Livery manager.

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