PMDG Development Schedule

PMDG General
At PMDG we tend to be a bit cagey about the products we have in development.

We do have some long term projects that have been published as "under development" and these are as follows:

  • PMDG 737NGX:  The lastest generation of our popular 737 product line.  This product will include all four body types of the 737 NG series, an incredibly detailed virtual cockpit, wide screen 2D panels, advanced lighting and animation, a Heads Up Display, and lots of other goodies that we'll unveil as they are completed.
  • PMDG 777:  This product is under very low rate development right now.  We are currently coordinating some long lead items with Boeing, and collecting the industrial expertise required to build this aircraft properly.  Our 737 development team will take over this project upon completion of the NGX, as the two airplanes have many software and system similarities that will allow for a very rapid wind-up to completion once the NGX has been released.
  • PMDG DHC-8:  The initial product in the PMDG Dash-8 series will include the -200/300 series airplanes.  This product is being developed by the same team that produced our PMDG BAe JS4100, and will be along the same quality level.  This product is expected to fit into the release schedule someplace between the 737NGX and the 777.

As of now, we also have two products in development that we have not shared with you.  Both will be unveiled when the time is right.